Aug. 11. 2015 

Recently, I’ve been caught up in a person who had absolutely no interest in me. No, I haven’t forgotten about myself, but yes I’m at this person’s beck and call, and this has caused me to be taken advantage of. As irritating as it is, I don’t regret anything that I said or did, because it has taught me a valuable lesson. I also tend to keep myself busy in order to forget about it. That hasn’t been a bad thing. I go out with friends during the day, make new memories, and live. Living is something I enjoy doing but it’s rare. So when I live I treasure it. ( And no I don’t mean living as in breathing, I mean it as in getting the most value out of life; exploring, adventure, and screaming rap lyrics at the top of my lungs in a small suv with friends.) Here are some photos from today’s adventure. Hope you like them.  
Xoxo – A
Bathing suit: 

Top- PINK , Bottom- Target


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