Purpose Tour 

Sunday night, I went to Justin Bieber’s second concert in Miami, and I must say it was an amazing night. I love concerts because I like to see talent up front, and my passion for music is just as big as my passion  for fashion. During his concert, he played the drums, the guitar, danced, and sang beautifully. I was never the biggest fan of his but that night I gained a lot of respect for him. His passion for what he does and his humbleness really inspired me. I was so happy, with the music blaring in my ears and the passionate  people all around me. Not to mention the really cute merchandise (which I’ll be styling in a later post). If you ever get the chance to go to a concert, go. Scream your lungs out, and don’t record too much. Keep the memories in your mind, and live in the moment. 

Xo- Alyssa 

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