Hey guys, 

This post wasn’t planned, I’m currently standing in the middle of my class’s common room writing this. I just wanted to talk about positivity and being positive. Positivity and meditation is something I’ve been focusing on a lot this year. As a human, we all go through things that may make us unhappy and think negatively. That’s my current situation right now. There’s a situation right now that is making me anything but happy. It’s making me think of the worst scenarios and has me questioning my worth. Don’t worry, it’s nothing I’ve done. But the doing of others, and how others treat me, is making me question if I’m good enough, even though I know deep down that there is nothing wrong with me and what I do. I know that this will all pass, as all bad things do, but like the regular human, I have a feeling that this will last forever. I said all of that to say this. Stay positive and keep your focus on that. Don’t allow other people to make you question your worth. Meditate and radiate positive energy always. 

Much love , xo


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