Modern Renaissance

This palette has been my absolute latest obsession. I know that I post mainly outfits and other photos on this blog, but I’m adding a few changes and this is one of them. I love makeup and have been collecting it since I first got interested in it, which has been for about 3 years now. So from now on I’ll be posting about new makeup and beauty techniques and looks that I’ve been trying out lately, as well as other stuff that I think will be a nice addition to my blog.

Now onto the palette itself. The PIGMENT girl. The Pigment. SO beautiful on every possible complexion. I love this palette because the colors are so different that other palettes I’ve seen. The colors that need to be matte are matte and the colors that are supposed to be glittery and glittery and STUNNING. My favorite thing right now is using the more red colors in the crease and blending it out with the darkest brown color, and then using the sparkly colors on the middle of my lid, and the white color in my crease. And with the Ardell Demi Whispies it’s such a look.

The palette is $42 and you can get it here:



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