My Favorite Spring Trends

This year’s Spring 2018 trends have been some of my favorites to date. Although a lot of the trend are consistent, they just get better and better each year! Here’s my list of favorite trends for Spring 2018.

  1. Pastels


Pastels have always been a favorite of mine. I’ve always loved a minimal palette and have been afraid of bright colors so pastels helped me add color into my wardrobe without scaring myself away.

ASOS: $60

  2. Sheer


I love showing my body but I hate being naked. Sheer clothing is the compromise. You feel covered, but so much is showing. You also have the option to throw cool pieces under the clothing to add something completely different to initial look and vibe.

ASOS: $72


      3. Satin


So luxurious!!! I used to hate the feeling of satin on my skin but now I cant get enough. Satin makes every outfit look so classy and put together, but it’s also so effortless. Definitely a must have in your wardrobe.

Net-A-Porter: $1,415

4. Mixed Prints


This is just something unique. There’s something about mixed prints that makes the look appear so put together, while being mix-matched and I am obsessed.

Topshop: $49

      5. Tulle 


Tulle has been my favorite fabric every since I was little. Who doesn’t want to be a princess all the time?

The Outnet: $393

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