Little Cayman

For those of you who do not know, I am from the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands are made up of 3 islands and I live on the biggest one. But For the first time in 10 years, I took a trip to the smallest one, Little Cayman.


Little Cayman has a population of about 300 people (maybe less), and it is my favorite place in the world. Not only are you forced to relax, but you feel and sense of joy all the time because there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can go outside and you will hear nothing but Booby birds or the crashing of waves from the sea.

I took my camera along with me and captured a few beautiful photos of the island that I will be sharing with you in my upcoming posts. Sadly I was only there for 4 short days but I cannot wait to be back!

XO- Ally


Ralph Lauren Spring Lookbook


The Pros & Cons of Working in Retail

So I’ve been working in retail for the past month and have learned so much in such little times that it’s so overwhelming. As a professional shopper, I am so used to being the shopper and I never knew how much work working behind the scenes was. There are some pros and DEFINITELY some cons so I made a list of the two based on my experience in the industry so far.


  • discounted merchandise
  • a growing network
  • being the first to see what’s in season
  • no uniform (depending on where you work; I don’t have one)
  • pay day!



  • a short break
  • rude customers
  • boring days (when there are less customers)
  • only having Sunday off
  • lazy co-workers

Animal Kingdom

So here’s a little touristy post! I went to see my favorite animals, and the new Pandora – World of Avatar. It was an awesome day to say the least. If you’d like to go to Pandora, here’s a word of advice. Go when the hype dies down! There are only two rides and the line for both is 2 hours long at the least (with No chairs). Hope you enjoy this post! I will do another post with Pandora photos since there are so many.

XO -Ally

Why I Started My Blog

Hello lovelies,

Today I’ve decided to tell the story of how and why I started my blog. To make a long story short, I just wanted a creative platform to put myself on. But that wouldn’t be a good story would it? So I’ll start from the beginning.

Ever since the age of about 7, I have been interested in the fashion industry. I can tell you the story of what made me interested in the industry, but that’s for another blog post. Anyway, I’ve loved fashion for as long as I could remember. My mom NEVER dressed me. I insisted that I dress myself, and that’s really how it all began. I started taking note of the designers my Disney Channel idols wore to the Kids Choice Awards, and looked for similar outfits. I loved the most fashionable Disney stars and tried to mimic their outfits with cheaper alternatives from Target, Limited Too/Justice, and Old Navy. Then I discovered fashion designers. The most amazing people known to man, in my world at least. And that was when I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer. As I got older I decided that I wanted to be (and still want to be) a stylist/fashion buyer but we’ll get to that.

I was a chubby kid between the ages of  7 and 12 so I started competitive swimming. As you could probably guess, the weight completely fell off in a year. And with my height, I looked skinnier. I was still interested in fashion but didn’t know how to get started because I was still in school. I started a Youtube channel in the summer that I was going into 9th grade and started posting lame fashion related videos, but hey, being as shy as I am that was a HUGE step for me and I’m still proud of myself. After doing youtube for about 3 months, I decided that I needed more. I needed a way to build traffic and I needed more space to create. I needed a platform that could hold content I still wanted to make, but that I couldn’t post on youtube. So I made a blog. It started with me posting OOTD’s once a week, and after losing hope a couple times, I am back and consistent as ever now posting 3 days a week every week.

The point of my blog, is to promote my Instagram and youtube channel, while trafficking viewers from my youtube channel to my blog, and trafficking Instagram followers to my blog as well. It’s all interconnected and I’m still working on it, but that’s where I’m at. You might be wondering what content I post on here that’s different than youtube and that is everything that is easier written out that filmed. OOTD’s, lookbooks, skin routines, wishlist items, makeup favorites at the moment, and the list goes on. It’s so much easier to write things out rather than film them in different clips. Also, because the content is different on my blog, I can use some of my blog posts as video ideas when I do have time to film, or post a video on my blog (which is how I traffic between the platforms!)

It’s all every confusing, and I hope it will make sense eventually, but that’s the story behind why I started my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading!

XO – Ally



Get to Know Me

I’ve been seeing my blog grow and I want to thank each and every one of you for helping my dreams come true! Since there are so many of you here, I’ve decided that it only makes sense for you to get to know me. So here are 15 facts about me.

  1. I am from the Cayman Islands
  2. The beach is my happy place; being in the sea makes me the happiest
  3. I aspire to be a fashion buyer and stylist
  4. Betsey Johnson inspired me to do fashion
  5. My favorite kind of chocolate is Cadbury
  6. I love reading poetry and writing it
  7. Italian food is my favorite type of food
  8. I only watch Youtube and Netflix! Not TV
  9. My second dream job, after fashion, is to be a DJ
  10. I have an elephant shaped birthmark (on my thigh)
  11. My favorite animals are giraffes
  12. When I have trouble falling asleep, I listen to ocean sounds on Youtube
  13. When I was younger I shaved my eyebrows off with a leg razor LOL
  14. The iPhone 6s Plus is my dream phone at the moment (i have an iPhone 6)
  15. I have done gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, and dance



My Go-To Ab Workout

  • 20 Yoga ball crunches (regular crunches on a yoga ball)
  • (My version of) The Windmill (hold your arms out and put a long stick, broom, pole etc. on your shoulders. Curl your arms around the stick and turn torso left and right)
  • 15 Leg raises
  • 15 Obliques (Turn on your side and make a crunch motion; side crunches)
  • 1 minute plank
  • 15 Side to side plank (lay in a plank and move hits side to side)
  • 15 Scissor kicks
  • 20 Bicycle
  • 20 Mountain Climbers
  • 20 Bridges (Push lower body off the ground)
  • 15 Spider-Man (go into plank position and move legs to the side; kind of like the Fire Hydrant)
  • 20 Russian Twists
  • 10 Push ups (the female ones of course)
  • 15 Windmill Plank (lift left and right arms up)

Sitting Buddha

Photos from my latest beach adventure

Swimsuit: American Eagle

Xo- Ally

My 2018 Goals

Happy New Year! First of all, I wanted to thank you guys for tuning into my blog. If this is the first post you’re seeing from me, I’m so happy to have you and I post Monday, Wednesday & Friday so hopefully I’ll see you again soon.

I wanted to talk about my goals for this year, so let’s get straight into it.

  1. The first thing on my list is to save up for a staple and timeless wardrobe piece. So far I have decided on an all-black pair of Gucci loafers with gold hardware.
  2. The next goal I’d like to reach is 200 followers on my blog! Tell your family and friends, I know we can get there.
  3. I would like to face more fears and stop thinking “what if”. Life is so short and unpredictable and I don’t want to waste time overthinking about something that doesn’t take much thought.
  4. I’d like to get my first tattoo and get my second ear piercing.
  5. I want to travel to more places I’ve never been to. I’m planning on going to London and on a cruise.
  6. I want to be willing to meet more people. I am such a shy person and I’d like to come out of my shell a little more.
  7. I want to finally go away to school. I was supposed to attend London College of Fashion but due to circumstances out of my control, I had to defer till this year. Hopefully everything works out this time!
  8. I’d like to style more people and get my work further out into the world.
  9. I want to do a yoga class, boxing class, and cycling class.
  10. I want to get my teeth whitened.
  11. I want to do something different with my hair. (Dye it / extensions)
  12. I want to read more books.
  13. I want to wake up earlier and go for breakfast/brunch.
  14. I want to change my lifestyle .
  15. Lastly, I want to renovate my room.

Those are my goals for 2018, what are yours?

XO- Ally