West Bay

My whole life I’ve driven past this beach over and over again and didn’t really think much about it. One day I decided to go explore it with my best friend and took these photos. This is easily one of my new favorite places now, it’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe I’ve gone so long […]

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Happy New Year guys! One month of 2017 down & 12 more to go! This past month has been stressful and has had its ups and downs but I have so many things to achieve this year and have so much planned. Hope you all have an amazing 2017 & I can’t wait to make […]

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Miami at Night 

Over my midterm break, I went on my first cruise. We started in Miami and sailed to St Thomas, Tortola, and the Bahamas, so I’ll be posting individual blog posts for each place I went to. Here are the photos from Miami. X 

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17th Birthday 

September 20th was my 17th birthday, and I’ve been so busy with school and YouTube that I didn’t show you all some of the photos I took on my birthday! So here are a few of my favorites (taken with the Canon EOS T5i). 

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