Behind the Scenes 

I thought I’d share some of the backstage and behind the scenes photos from my latest fashion show (Last post) because a lot of people ask me about what happens backstage. It’s usually nothing other than laughing, taking selfies, and practicing your walk, but I have too many backstage photos that weren’t posted on social […]

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Allure Fashion Weekend

This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in my 4th local fashion show. I love fashion shows because it’s the one thing that doesn’t make me nervous or anxious. It feels like a part of me. Like it’s something that I have to do. So many people approach me and say “your so […]

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I know this post is a bit overdue, but this was my Halloween costume! I dressed up as a Great Gatsby flapper from the 1920s.  I love it because it’s such a huge contrast. I’ve never pulled off a look like this for Halloween ever. I actually found this on Party City and didn’t have […]

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Around the Corner 

I decided to try my hardest at being consistent with outfit posts because I haven’t posted them in a while. So I decided that I’d start posting regular outfit posts again because that was the original idea for my blog. For this post, I decided that I would make it a bit more ‘artsy’ than usual. […]

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It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post!  I love this outfit because it’s simple, but minimal and has a sophisticated look to it. The outfits that I usually wear are grunge, so I liked this change. I love the oversized look of the top and the structured v-neck, combined with the greek […]

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Sweet 16

I can’t believe it’s October already?? It’s scary how fast time goes. Anyway, my birthday was on September 20th, and I turned 16! I had a huge party, and all my old and new friends were there, and I’ve been too busy to post since then! So here I am sitting on the floor of […]

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NY Fashion Week S/S ’16

New York fashion week just recently ended, sadly, but from it came AMAZING new lines, pieces, and outfit inspiration. Im going to be showing you guys some of my personal favorites from a few of the shows! I have so many to show you, and this is only a little part of it! Enjoy! xo […]

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One of my favorite songs at the moment is a song called Drive, by Gemineyes. Earlier this month I drove up to a district on my island called East End with my parents. I love drives because I’m never the one actually driving. And that means that I can stare out the window while listening […]

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How To Find Your Style

It’s been a long time coming for me, but I think I’ve finally found what styles suit me. My closet is always filled with clothes that I love at the moment but I will later get sick of. It’s frustrating because not only do you want staple pieces that will actually last, but you want […]

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Aug. 11. 2015 

Recently, I’ve been caught up in a person who had absolutely no interest in me. No, I haven’t forgotten about myself, but yes I’m at this person’s beck and call, and this has caused me to be taken advantage of. As irritating as it is, I don’t regret anything that I said or did, because […]

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