Animal Kingdom


So here’s a little touristy post! I went to see my favorite animals, and the new Pandora – World of Avatar. It was an awesome day to say the least. If you’d like to go to Pandora, here’s a word of advice. Go when the hype dies down! There are only two rides and the line for both is 2 hours long at the least (with No chairs). Hope you enjoy this post! I will do another post with Pandora photos since there are so many.

XO -Ally


A Tall Girl’s Guide to Spring


Here are some adorable spring pieces I found FOR TALL GIRLS! I went on a huge shopping spree when I saw and I encourage you to do the same lol.

XO – Ally

From ASOS 






From Boohoo 



From Missguided 






Spring Makeup Palettes YOU NEED


With spring comes spring colors and what’s the best way to show spring colors other than on the eyes? Here are the spring palettes I need in my life and that you can use in yours too!


  1. ABH Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette
  2. Too Faced “Life’s a Festival” Palette
  3. Lime Crime Venus XL Palette
  4. BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette


  5. Dose of Colors Blushing Berries Palette


  6. Urban Decay Mini Naked Heat Palette


Why I Started My Blog


Hello lovelies,

Today I’ve decided to tell the story of how and why I started my blog. To make a long story short, I just wanted a creative platform to put myself on. But that wouldn’t be a good story would it? So I’ll start from the beginning.

Ever since the age of about 7, I have been interested in the fashion industry. I can tell you the story of what made me interested in the industry, but that’s for another blog post. Anyway, I’ve loved fashion for as long as I could remember. My mom NEVER dressed me. I insisted that I dress myself, and that’s really how it all began. I started taking note of the designers my Disney Channel idols wore to the Kids Choice Awards, and looked for similar outfits. I loved the most fashionable Disney stars and tried to mimic their outfits with cheaper alternatives from Target, Limited Too/Justice, and Old Navy. Then I discovered fashion designers. The most amazing people known to man, in my world at least. And that was when I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer. As I got older I decided that I wanted to be (and still want to be) a stylist/fashion buyer but we’ll get to that.

I was a chubby kid between the ages of  7 and 12 so I started competitive swimming. As you could probably guess, the weight completely fell off in a year. And with my height, I looked skinnier. I was still interested in fashion but didn’t know how to get started because I was still in school. I started a Youtube channel in the summer that I was going into 9th grade and started posting lame fashion related videos, but hey, being as shy as I am that was a HUGE step for me and I’m still proud of myself. After doing youtube for about 3 months, I decided that I needed more. I needed a way to build traffic and I needed more space to create. I needed a platform that could hold content I still wanted to make, but that I couldn’t post on youtube. So I made a blog. It started with me posting OOTD’s once a week, and after losing hope a couple times, I am back and consistent as ever now posting 3 days a week every week.

The point of my blog, is to promote my Instagram and youtube channel, while trafficking viewers from my youtube channel to my blog, and trafficking Instagram followers to my blog as well. It’s all interconnected and I’m still working on it, but that’s where I’m at. You might be wondering what content I post on here that’s different than youtube and that is everything that is easier written out that filmed. OOTD’s, lookbooks, skin routines, wishlist items, makeup favorites at the moment, and the list goes on. It’s so much easier to write things out rather than film them in different clips. Also, because the content is different on my blog, I can use some of my blog posts as video ideas when I do have time to film, or post a video on my blog (which is how I traffic between the platforms!)

It’s all every confusing, and I hope it will make sense eventually, but that’s the story behind why I started my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading!

XO – Ally



MUST HAVE Perfumes This Season


Spring had sprung and it’s all about the fragrance. Here is a list I curated of my favorite fragrances that I think are PERFECT for this season.


  • Viva la Juicy
    by Juicy Couture


  • Daisy Dream
    by Marc Jacobs


  • N°5 L’EAU
    by Chanel


  • Love Story
    by CHLOE


  • Candy
    by Prada


  • Dolce
    by Dolce&Gabbana





My recent fashion obssession has been co-ords. They are so in this season! But as I’ve been strggling to find some that fit my long (5’11) body, I found this old gem from American Apperal that I bought 3 years ago. THANK GOD I was aware of the future trends back then because this outfit is perfect for Spring.

My Favorite Spring Trends


This year’s Spring 2018 trends have been some of my favorites to date. Although a lot of the trend are consistent, they just get better and better each year! Here’s my list of favorite trends for Spring 2018.

  1. Pastels


Pastels have always been a favorite of mine. I’ve always loved a minimal palette and have been afraid of bright colors so pastels helped me add color into my wardrobe without scaring myself away.

ASOS: $60

  2. Sheer


I love showing my body but I hate being naked. Sheer clothing is the compromise. You feel covered, but so much is showing. You also have the option to throw cool pieces under the clothing to add something completely different to initial look and vibe.

ASOS: $72


      3. Satin


So luxurious!!! I used to hate the feeling of satin on my skin but now I cant get enough. Satin makes every outfit look so classy and put together, but it’s also so effortless. Definitely a must have in your wardrobe.

Net-A-Porter: $1,415

4. Mixed Prints


This is just something unique. There’s something about mixed prints that makes the look appear so put together, while being mix-matched and I am obsessed.

Topshop: $49

      5. Tulle 


Tulle has been my favorite fabric every since I was little. Who doesn’t want to be a princess all the time?

The Outnet: $393