Paulina: Photos by Me

Took some photos of my dear friend Paulina.. have a look

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Mary Quant

A look into one of the coolest fashion exhibitions I’ve ever been to x

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Totem: by Cirque de Soleil

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Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle Aladdin’s Magic Carpets ride – Over my spring break I took a trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for the last time before I turn 20 (an official adult!) It was the most fun and I’m always so glad to go and live like I’m 10 years old again. XO- Ally

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My First Tattoo!

This is one of the most exciting videos I’ve ever made for my channel. I’ve anted a tattoo for as long as I could remember and I’m so glad that I got to document the experience and the excitement I felt right after I got this. In this vide I give advice about pain, price, how to prepare and location for those of you that might not have a tattoo but want one. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!

XO, Ally

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One of my favorite places to explore and find unique pieces in London is Spitalfields…

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