Hi everyone! Black Friday was last week, so I’m a bit late to the game on here but it was a success! If you don’t keep up with my youtube channel, make sure to be subscribed so you never miss a post outside of my blog! I hope you all enjoy, I had so much fin filming this video.

XO- Ally


Head 2 Toe 


I went for a matchy-matchy look today, which is something that I have been so into lately. I’ve been heavily inspired fashion-wise by Bella Hadid who is the QUEEN of matching tops and bottoms. Since I don’t have many things that match, I decided to pair leather with leather, and broke it up with a royal blue lace-up crop top. To make the look a little less casual, I added a bejeweled thin choker.


Jacket: zara // Top, Skirt, Choker: Forever 21 // Shoes: Adidas


Hey lovelies. 

Just wanted to make a post to update you guys on everything that’s been going on, and the reason behind my lack of posting on here. I’m a senior in high school this year, and the amount of work that I have to do is unreal. I barely have time to go to sleep at night with all of the work I have to do each day. I try to put my heart and soul into this blog, but sadly it’s hard because I don’t have the time. I want to try my best to post for you guys not only because you may look forward to my posts, but because I love posting. To update you guys on everything that’s been going on, there’s really nothing much. I got new reading glasses, and I also got my braces removed. And that’s about as interesting as my life gets. If you’d like to see more of me outside of my blog, you can check out my YouTube channel in the link at the top of this website. Thank you guys for sticking around. Much love. 

Xo- Alyssa 

Summer Haul 

My latest purchases this summer. Don’t forget to subscribe & I hope you enjoy x 

Queen Of Hearts.

Here’s my Halloween costume!! It was a bit baggy at the sides, but I was the queen of hearts in case you couldn’t tell 😉  My friends and I went to a haunted house and these creepy people jumped out from these dark corners and followed us, chased us, and this one freak grabbed my shoulder and pulled me backward. But it was $10 to enter and I got my moneys worth because I got scared the crap out of and came out breathless haha. Hope you guys had a good Halloween! Comment down below what you were (if you were anything) I’d love to know 🙂 xo

DSC_2247       DSC_2250

DSC_2252      DSC_2254